Welcome to Kendall Farm Cottages in Perry, Maine!

If you have any questions, or would like to reserve a cottage, or the barn for a private party, please contact Georgie directly by calling 207-214-1124 or by emailing info@kendallfarmcottages.com. Please click on the following links to learn more about Watercress Cottage and Wildflower Cottage. Visit our Reservation & Rates page to check availability. We hope you to see you soon!

– Georgie, Bill (Dad), Seamus (cat)

Sunset View at Kendall Farms in Perry

About Kendall Farm Cottages

Kendall Farm Cottages is a coastal country sanctuary situated on the easternmost lake in the USA and just a few minutes from the ocean’s highest tides in the world. Our cottages offer two of the loveliest weekly rentals in all of coastal Maine, perfect for a rustic eco-adventure, romantic or family vacation. We also have a barn venue, perfect for weddings.

This forty-five acre farm has been in our family for five generations. We honor this legacy in a way that preserves this beautiful environment and allows our visitors to relax, refresh and rejoice.

Reconnect with what is really important- nature, family, yourself. Fresh bouquets of flowers, Kendall Farm preserves and perhaps a welcoming meow from Seamus the cat will be waiting for you!

Events & Packages


Weddings & Gatherings:

For an authentic Downeast small wedding or event venue consider Kendall Farm barn.   Our barn has breath taking views across fields and deciduous forest and beautiful Boyden Lake. Perhaps the most handsome and well kept barn in all of Washington County was built in 1913 by friends and neighbors and my great grandfather, Sam Kendall and grandfather, Everett and brothers John and Howard.

Today it hosts swings for kids, live music, dance parties and memorable weddings! If interested contact us for more details and dreamy possibilities!

In The News

View of Boyden Lake from Kendall Farms Cottages, downeast Maine, the Bold Coast

Delicious Downeast Maine:

Lorraine Eaton of the Virginian Pilot writes, “My cousin, Georgiana, is the fifth generation of Kendalls to live on the 45-acre farm. The house has an actual root cellar where foundation timbers bear the ax marks of her father’s, father’s, father’s father who built it. She rents two cabins down by Boyden Lake, charming, real-Maine rustic camps that I’ve known since childhood.

There’s comfort in the way Down East remains largely unchanged. Most roads still have no stripes. In the dark of night, loons still sound their mournful call over Boyden Lake. Hiking along the rocky coast still leaves me in awe…”

  • “Our 8th year here was again so much fun! We enjoyed the gorgeous weather at the lake, swam, fished, rode in the canoe, played soccer and frizbee, hung out by the fire, took the path from cottage to cottage and made so many memories. Thank Dad for the birch wood and letting us borrow your bikes.”

    Regan, age 15 and family Pennsylvania, 2014
  • “Thank you Wildflower cottage and Kendall Farm for an amazing respite from some stressful, excessively busy times. Mom and I are in love with Wildflower, the boathouse, and woodshed, too! Such a cozy and nourishing place to step away from the world for a bit. I’ve fallen asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace—but for our last night I think I’ll enjoy drifting off in the loft. I will miss it here.”

    Lauren Maine, 2012
  • “Thanks for another memorable stay. We weren’t sure what to expect this year driving in with sideways rain as Hurricane Arthur seemed to be pulling down every third tree. 24 hours aside from the downed trees you’d never know. It turned out to be the best week ever—weather-wise and recouperatively. This year’s highlights: perfect weather, sharing lilies with the goats, good fishing as always, geocaching on Devil’s Head and Campobello, a doe and her two fawns and of course the wonderful hospitality!”

    The Knox Family Maine, 2014
  • “Had a great time honeymooning here! Thanks for a fabulous two weeks here as well as the lettuce and potatoes from your garden and car repair advice. Had a blast with the kids coming across the field—swimming, canoeing and playing in the hammock. Our vacation went by way too fast!”

    Patty and Ward, Maryland 2011
  • “We enjoyed the Boyden Lake loons again this year and the moonlit lake. Only missed one day of swimming. We ate a ton of wild blueberries and plenty of icecream. Thank you for the cucumbers, greens, and beautiful flowers. Wish we didn’t have to go back to work."

    Sally, Anne, and Esther, Vermont & North Carolina 2013
  • “I do not know where to begin—so wonderful to be away from work and everything stressful. You have been so generous and helpful. Thank you so much. It’s been heavenly. We are so sorry to leave. Our stay has been above and way beyond anything I could have imagined.”

    Sheryl, New York 2012
  • “What a place! We love it and you make sure that everything is okay. It just makes us feel so good. The areas around your cottages are so peaceful and very pleasing to the eyes. The water is very relaxing while sitting on the porch. Sure wish I lived closer. Riding through the country roads without heavy traffic is so nice. What an enjoyable time!”

    George and Margery, New York 2011
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